Posted by: pjakubo86 | May 31, 2007

My Trip to Melbourne (In the city)

Hey guys.  I’m here in my boring ECON1001 lecture (so easy!) and I decided I should actually post some stuff about what I did while I was in Melbourne.

Two weekends ago, Mitch, Mat, Jack, Dan, Claire, Rachael and I hopped on a flight to Melbourne to check out the great state of Victoria.  Melbourne is sort of the Boston to Sydney’s New York – it’s a smaller city, but more artsy and interesting.  We flew in to this tiny airport called Avalon which is about an hour and a half drive outside the city.  It was the first time in my life I got to exit an airplane on the tarmac (my flight from Brisbane to Sydney was the first time I was able to enter a plane on the tarmac).  After the long bus ride, we arrived in Melbourne and walked over to our hostel.

The hostel was very cool – we got our own 6-bed room with a private bathroom which was very handy.  I slept under a blanket for the first time since the Blue Mountains and loved every second of it. I only have a sheet at my apartment in Sydney.  Yeah, I’m cheap, sue me.  It’s actually significantly colder in Melbourne than it is in Sydney.  The fan in the room had a remote control with a sleep timer…it was the most advanced fan I’ve ever seen:
The fan

At the bar on the ground floor of the hostel, some guy there decided he was going to have 10 Jager bombs as fast as he could:


Yeah, he threw up seconds after finishing the last one.  Nice waste of $50.

That night we went out and some locals told us to go to this club called AC/DC.  It turned out to be a punk club which we were very badly dressed for.  In any case, they let us in and the place was really cool, mostly because it was different to every other club I’ve been to in my life.  By the end of the night, our group had taken over the stage and were dancing like idiots.  Some pics:
IMG_3108 IMG_3118 IMG_3131

Also, there was a really weird painting on the wall that is apparently famous:

The next morning we basically did a big walking tour of the city.  Highlights included a marketplace next to the hostel, Federation Square, the road to the Batcave, downtown, a Chinese restaurant honoring Mao, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground:
IMG_3134 IMG_3141 IMG_3150 IMG_3162 IMG_3165 IMG_3157

That night we went to bed early to prepare for our trip to the Great Ocean road the next day.  Stay tuned for more pictures…



  1. Why are you wearing my Puma shirt?

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