Posted by: pjakubo86 | May 14, 2007

A quick update

Well, the last week has been a pretty boring one.  Not very much class, not very much going out, and not very much on my mind.  I am, however, gearing up for what should be an awesome weekend.  Mitch, Jack, Mat, Dan, Alex, Claire, Rachel and I are heading off for Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.  I’m really pumped for this as it promises to be an awesome time.  One thing I’m especially excited for is this stock market bar where the prices of the beer fluctuate as demand changes for them.  So if a certain beer is really popular at some time, the prices will go up – so you have to be smart about what you’re going to buy.  Apparently they have stock market crashes as well where all the prices fall on all the drinks.  Sounds like a TON of fun.  It will be especially cool to start travelling again – Sydney is feeling a little too much like home.

This weekend was awesome as we had two birthdays – Mat and Jenny.  Happy birthday to both of you!  I wish I could have gone out for Mat’s birthday to Bungalo 8 but I twisted my ankle in our lunchtime soccer blowout.  It was fun enough to watch everyone drunkenly stumble around Mat’s apartment though – especially the British lads (a rare sight!).  For Jenny’s birthday we went out to this German bar in the Rocks which was a little fancier.  The DJ was on and off, but it was defintiely fun celebrating every time the DJ said it was someone’s birthday and pretending that Jenny was that person.

Coming up this week, I’ve got an econ exam (should be a breeze) right before I leave and that’s about it.  I also just registered – look for me to start putting stuff up there sometime this week.  I’ve been missing a true web presence.  I’m very excited for this. 🙂

Also, Shannon’s coming in 22 days.  Set your calendars, I know you’re all excited!


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