Posted by: pjakubo86 | April 26, 2007

A list of food from America that I miss:

Taco Bell
Panera Bread (esp. broccoli cheddar soup)
Portillo’s (Chicago-style hotdogs and chocolate milkshakes)
Giordano’s (Chicago-style pizza)
Mac and Cheese – american style
Chinese food (lol)
Crispix/Trix/Cheerios, etc (good call Anna)
Boston Market (esp. the mac+cheese, cinnamon apples, and mashed potatoes)
Noodles & Co.

(I’ll update this as I recall various food items)



  1. I don’t know if this is the kind of mac n’ cheese you meant, but they sell Kraft EasyMac in Coles. I bought a 4-pack yesterday. I miss American cereal (no other country has that much choice).

  2. you forgot wapaghettis and arbys

  3. -There used to be hundreds of those Boston Markets…did they all shut down?

    -You can get Crispix and Cheerios at the supermarket.

    -I guess they shut down the Taco Bells as well lol

    -Chinese food? Not sure where we go wrong with that one? lol my local is pretty good.

    At least we still have Krispy Kreme

  4. I can only find one Boston Market in Sydney, and it’s a catering place. Maybe I’ll check it out.

    The Coles and Bi-Lo across the street don’t have either of those cereals and the ones they do have are too damn healthy ;-).

    I just found a Taco Bell on, I’ll check it out. I’ll bet they don’t use the same Grade D beef though. If I don’t get sick after eating it, I won’t be satisfied.

    Again, the chinese food simply isn’t greasy enough. Noticing a trend?

  5. now i’m hungry…damn..i could sure go for one of those $6 chickens! hehe

  6. What about Geovanti’s Chicken Strips? Or La Bamba’s? Or are you not a fan… ?

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