Posted by: pjakubo86 | April 25, 2007

Happy ANZAC Day!

Hey guys, I have the day off for ANZAC (Australia/New Zealand Army Corps) day so I thought I would update my blog.  I know it’s been forever since I last posted, so I’ll try to roll up everything that’s happened in the last week and a half:

Semester Break
Well, most people went off to New Zealand for the weekend, but Mat, Jason, Meredith, Polanco, and Margot stuck around.  After the Easter Show and beach, I didn’t do much.  Mat and Jason went skydiving on Wednesday, which made me jealous, but I just don’t have the money to that here (I will do it at some point when I get back to America).  On Thursday, I think, Mat and I went on a date to the zoo and saw some neat animals and such.  Here are some pics:

img_2932.jpg img_2935.jpg img_2941.jpg img_2944.jpg img_2960.jpg img_2969.jpg

The next morning, a whole bunch of us woke up at like 6:30 in the morning to go on this wine tour of Hunter Valley – one of the best areas for wine in all of Australia (apparently).  Unfortunately, the company bungled our reservations and when we showed up, they had to turn us away.  Anger!!!  So, I rebooked for Sunday and we did the whole thing again, except this time it was just Meredith, Mat, and I.  The tour consisted of going to three different wineries and sampling their various alcoholic products including many varieties of wines and liqeurs.  But first, we stopped at a reptile park which actually had all kinds of animals.  I got to pet a koala and hang out with kangaroos, dingos, and emus as well as seeing lots of other animals (including some of the most poisonous snakes in the world and a bunch of crocodiles).  Some places had some really delicious liqeurs like chocolate, butterscotch, and even chili (which was really hot).  We had lunch at one of the wineries where I feasted on a very delicious chicken burger.  Finally, we stopped at place that sold cheese and chocolates and then it was a 2.5 hour drive back home.  I bought 3 bottles of wine while there which tasted really good and were reasonably priced. I can now officially wine and dine Shannon when she gets here.  Some pics:

img_2997.jpg img_3000.jpg img_3039.jpg img_3046.jpg

Aside from those two things, I really mostly worked on my artificial intelligence project which consisted of 1) making a program which searches for numbers with a bunch of rules and 2) making a program which played connect 3 with you (a watered down version of connect 4).  That was fun – NOT.  Well, it was nice to reconnect with my C++ skills which are still lacking.

This Week
Well, this week hasn’t been anything special.  I went out to Scruffy Murphy’s last night which I love on Tuesday nights.  They have a live band and I find that so much more fun to dance to.  I even managed to lose my voice 🙂 .  Biggest Loser is over tomorrow night which will be a sad event, although Big Brother has just started.  Still, it won’t be the same.  I’ve also found that they have $6 cooked bbq whole chickens over at Bi-Lo across the street which will be my main meal for the remainder of my stay in Australia, I think.  It’s certainly cheaper than alternatives.

That’s it for now, but I will try to keep the blog updated better in the future.  Later peeps!


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