Posted by: pjakubo86 | April 11, 2007

The Royal Easter Show and another day at the beach

So on Monday, Mat, Polanco, Margot, and I went to the Royal Easter Show at Olympic Park in Sydney.  Whew that was a lot of links.  Anyway, we arrived in the morning and started exploring.  Unfortunately, it was ridiculously expensive and I am ridiculously poor. There were tons of rides and attractions, but they were just too expensive.  So, we ended up looking at the stock animals for a while.  First were the cows, where we saw a cow judging competition and later a live birth.  These two guys basically yanked this baby calf out of its mother by its hind legs.  Here’s a pic of the little guy/girl being licked by its mother:


After carefully dodging cow urine and feces in my flip-flops, we headed over the the next barn.  Here, they had a whole bunch of alpacas and an alpaca judging contest for kids.  I instantly knew Ray would be proud of me.  Using knowledge gleaned from Shannon’s paper on alpacas, I explained to the group (who had never seen/heard of alpacas before) that they were a member of the camelid family and were valuable for their wool.  I also learned that twinning in alpaca’s is extremely rare…something like 0.00001% of births.  This was the coolest alpaca there by far and is clearly one of those menacing skater alpacas:


The next barn over had horses, and thanks to my expert girlfriend on the subject, I had a lot to tell everyone about the various horses.  They even had some clydsdales there!  Here is one being groomedand having these stupid things tied into its mane:


Afterwards was lunch at this place where I got my first milkshake in Australia.  It wasn’t particularly good and was not nearly as thick as I like them back home, but it satisfied me.  We then pushed our way in to the nab stadium where we saw a dirtbike/car stunt/human cannonball show.  Here are some highlights:

And for all of you interested in the Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8, here’s a pic of a souped up on they used for the show:

After this we went to a lumberjack contest which was really cool.  I’ll post a video later, I’m tired of waiting for my slow-ass ISP to upload to Google video.  Ugh.

Yesterday, Mat, Meredith, Jason, and I went to Bondi and I am once again sporting a nice tan.  Sweet!  Now it’s time to go Target to do some shopping.  I might even buy some clothes while I’m in the mall.



  1. Nice videos, I am particularly intrigued by the man being shot out of a cannon.

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