Posted by: pjakubo86 | April 3, 2007

Back from the mountains (part 1)

Well, I’m back from the Blue Mountains which was fantastic!  We got there Friday night and immediately, we were concerned when they split us up into a “boys’ camp and girls’ camp.”  Within 15 minutes we realized we were staying at a kids Jesus camp.  Oy.  We ate something that they called steak and sausage which was completely disgusting.  At night, we slept in childrens’ bunk beds – Jack fit perfectly.

 The next day, we hit up the rock climbing walls early in the morning.  For some reason, they call this place New York.  Probably jealous.  At the top of the rock face, there was this incredible view of a valley below.  I went up 5 times on 4 different climbs which was really cool.  My fingertips hurt quite badly afterwards, but it was most definitely worth it.  Here’s a couple pics (hope you like my ass!):

img_2760.jpg img_2765.jpg img_2772.jpg

(Thanks to Dan Newcombe for the excellent photos.  Watch and learn Jack!) 

After rock climbing we went on this 3 hour hike through the “Grand Canyon” (yet another rip-off) which was really beautiful.  The canyon was more steep and naroow than the American Grand Canyon and also much much older.  We were guided by a guy claiming to be the great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin.  He told us that one area we went through had plants growing in it that were the same plants that dinosaurs ate millions of years ago.  Pretty nuts.  At one point, he asked us if we wanted to go swimming in this cave that he knew of and the manlier (read stupider) of us stripped down to boxers or bras and panties and hopped in.  The water was so cold it hurt as it touched your skin and while it wasn’t the coldest water I’ve ever been in, it was damn near close.  We walked through this cave which was pitch black, dodging fallen trees and spiders to this sandy area where there were all these little glow worms which lit up the ceiling of the cave like the night sky.  As we trudged through, we walked through mud which literally was as deep as your knee before you found solid ground.  I really don’t want to know what the heck it was.  At the end of the hike, we came to this spectacular view of this giant valley.  Right before the hike my camera was desperately low on batteries and space on the flash card, but here are a couple photos:

img_2787.jpg img_2802.jpgimg_2803.jpg img_2810.jpg

I’ll post more on the Blue Mountains tomorrow when I am less tired.  I promise some cool stuff…



  1. very nice assssssssssss by the way and i love your pics. what is this shit about bras and underwear eh?????????? you know you like mine more!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um, Pat, doncha think NEW York is a ripoff of York? And they had the same idea? Love ya! Mom

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