Posted by: pjakubo86 | March 30, 2007

Done with my paper … and on to the weekend!

Wow, that was the most grueling 1000 word essay I’ve ever written.  There is a reason that I’m a Computer Engineering major and not anything else – NO EXPOSITORY PAPERS!  Ugh.  I hate them.  I enjoyed sitting at my computer for 2 hours coding up a way to solve a puzzle using Breadth-First Search on a tree structure in C++ about 4,000 times more.  I don’t want to know any more about the perspectives on land of the 18th century Australian colonisers and the Aboriginals!

 On a related note, I found this awesome site for making works cited pages called Works Cited 4U.  You input the info about the work, it makes the citation for you.  Check it out!

This weekend I’ll be travelling to the Blue Mountains, which are a few hours west of Sydney, for an Adventure Weekend!  This means free food, free rock climbing and rappeling, hiking, biking, and enjoying nature.  I’m excited.  Ah crap, I didn’t do my accoutning homework.  Maybe I’ll bring it along.  I’m going to try to take a video of my professor for that class…he’s insane.

Keep it real, kids.


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