Posted by: pjakubo86 | March 19, 2007


So apparently you can break a Rubik’s Cube.  It no longer swivels like it used to, it’s all grindy.  😦  I am without amusement aside from  In any case, it’s been a pretty eventful weekend and I’ve got an interesting week ahead of me.  I was without a roommate this weekend as Ryan ventured to Melbourne to watch the Grand Prix, so I tried to take full advantage of that.  (No, not that, I’m on a two week fast)  I cleaned up as best I could in my free time, did the dishes, took out the trash.  I also did lots of pushups, situps, and pullups in my lead up to getting a gym membership.  I don’t want to go in cold. 

As for the nights, on Friday, Danna, Matt, and I embarked on a great journey from Circular Quay back to campus which became epic in its proportions.  At first, a large group of us set out looking to enjoy the supposedly “happening” nightlife in The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney.  What we found were bars serving people so old, they rode dinosaurs to the pub and paid for drinks using the bartering system.  We made haste to a known hang-out of twenty-somethings called Jackson’s on George St.  There, we encountered a really awesome club scene, however only one thing was missing: people.  I have an excellent video of Jack dancing by himself on the dance floor.  So we sat around for a while until we decided to get a bus and head to a bar near campus.  So, we followed the wise leadership of Anna to get to the nearest bus stop and we ended up wandering around downtown Sydney with Mitch drunk and ornery and the rest of us tired and weary.  We reached Circular Quay at which point, the sojourners mentioned above decided to make haste on foot back home (all of us but Matt were sober) rather than wait the 30 or so minutes for the bus.  And so began our epic journey which took us through the heart of aboriginal downtown Sydney, stopping only once at a supply depot called Hungry Jack’s, and dodging wild taxis along the way.  We decided to make a film out of our great adventure starring George Clooney as Mat Major, Steve Buscemi as Patrick Jakubowski, Danny Devito as Dan Newcombe (a perfect fit – lol), and  Rachel Weisz as Anna Orchard.  It was glorious.

St. Patrick’s Day was St. Patrick’s Day – ’nuff said.

And yesterday was the day after St. Patrick’s Day.  I spent a lot of it in bed.  ‘Nuff said.

 Free dinner tomorrow night then a play at the Sydney Opera House on Wedneday night.  Sweet ass!



  1. what does nuff said mean? good/bad?

  2. 1. A two week fast of *what* exactly?!
    2. For f**k’s sake, stop saying Danna!!! No longer funny/amusing/cute after 4 weeks.
    3. Very funny descriptions of The Rocks. LOL in fact.
    4. I definitely don’t think it was me who got people lost. In fact, we weren’t lost, the buses just weren’t running.
    5. Danny Devito = you’re mean.
    6. I can’t believe I waited an hour for free pizza.

  3. It was St. Patrick’s Day…I drank…It was ridic…Nuff said

  4. Ok, I can’t believe you waited 2 hours for a chocolate bunny.

    Ridic., yes, one of my fave words!! I belong to the Abbrevs. are. Fab. group. 🙂

    And I really don’t think you drank enough.

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