Posted by: pjakubo86 | March 10, 2007

Ohhhhh the punishment

Well, last night I decided to venture over to Texas Mitch’s place with every intention of merely eating dinner and not going out. They were going to go to what was supposed to be a “crazy” party at the bar on campus. However, it was $20 so everyone decided to stay in and just drink in the apartment which I got roped into. We ended up playing Circle of Death – or Kings as they call it – which was, as always, an amazing time. We did this awesome thing, which they apparently do at Northwestern, where instead of putting the cards on top of the beer in the middle until they fall, we put them under the tab and the person who pops open the tab has to drink the beer. Also, we played “Never Have I Ever” every time a Jack was drawn – it was my first time playing and it was so much fun. We got pretty smashed but it was a great time.

I woke up the next morning thinking, “I have something to do today…” and realized it was a Google lecture that was at 8:30 AM that I really wanted to go to. I even registered for it… I stumbled over to my computer, saw it was 10:00AM, and was pissed. I had totally forgot to set an alarm the night before. So, as punishment for drinking on a weekday (which I said I wouldn’t), I’m staying in tonight while everyone else goes out to Side Bar. Sigh…


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