Posted by: pjakubo86 | March 8, 2007

F#%$ing Unilodge man, F$#%ing Unilodge…

So yeah, I decided to do some much needed laundry tonight (which is already bad enough at $3 for a wash and $3 for a dry) and disaster struck.  One of the washers, which was doing my whites, refused to move from the wash cycle to the soak/rinse cycle.  I waited for about an hour for the darned thing to move, and it wouldn’t.  Soooooo, I had to reach into the boiling hot water, extract all my clothes, put them in the sink, and rinse them and wring the water out myself.  Ugh.  Add to that the fact that my femininely soft hands blistered with all the wringing and you’ve got one angry and upset Pat.  Tomorrow, I am most definitely asking for a refund.  F#$%ing Unilodge man… 

Update: So, I got my whites out of the dryer and…voila!! They’re still wet!  ARGHHHH!  I have now laid the clothes out on my floor and over the railings to dry with a fan pointed on them.  Unilodge…you will pay for this!

Update 2: A pic of the madness:


Update 3: UniLodge gave me a refund and I will definitely be rewashing the clothes – they came out kind of crusty after my piss-poor rinsing job.  Ew.


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