Posted by: pjakubo86 | February 27, 2007

A first post…

So, I figured I might give everybody out there an idea about what’s going on in my life right now.  First, I want to show you where I’m living (click on the images to see pushpins of my apartment and the University):

Sydney as a whole

Closeup aerial shot of the University of Sydney (UniLodge is in the upper left)

So yeah, UniLodge is pretty nice.  I have this interesting loft apartment.  My roommate and I actually moved one of the beds down from the loft to the first floor so we each virtually have our own rooms.  Some of my friends have amazing views of downtown Sydney, but we got the shaft.  Air conditioning is lacking, but I’ve pretty much gotten used to it.  In general though, it’s a nice place, even if there are cockroaches on the roof.

The University seems really beautiful.  It was modeled after Oxford and it has a good mix of old and new buildings.  Air conditioning is lacking here too.  I’m really excited to use my tablet again in class and am wondering how Vista will affect how I work.  I’m taking an introductory Econ class and an introductory Accounting class, which will hopefully be easy.  I’ve got a Artificial Intelligence class as well, which I hope will be interesting.  My last class is called Australia: Land and Nation which will probably be a lot of reading and writing – not my forte, but the class should at least be interesting.

I’ll try to post a couple random photos here later.  Right now, I’m trying to figure out a paradigm to use for this blog.  Let me know how this works…



  1. Boo, Windows Live Local still doesn’t work anymore Mac OS X. I wonder if they’re using DX9 or something crazy like that

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