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T-8.5 hours


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My Trip to Melbourne (In the city)

Hey guys.  I’m here in my boring ECON1001 lecture (so easy!) and I decided I should actually post some stuff about what I did while I was in Melbourne.

Two weekends ago, Mitch, Mat, Jack, Dan, Claire, Rachael and I hopped on a flight to Melbourne to check out the great state of Victoria.  Melbourne is sort of the Boston to Sydney’s New York – it’s a smaller city, but more artsy and interesting.  We flew in to this tiny airport called Avalon which is about an hour and a half drive outside the city.  It was the first time in my life I got to exit an airplane on the tarmac (my flight from Brisbane to Sydney was the first time I was able to enter a plane on the tarmac).  After the long bus ride, we arrived in Melbourne and walked over to our hostel.

The hostel was very cool – we got our own 6-bed room with a private bathroom which was very handy.  I slept under a blanket for the first time since the Blue Mountains and loved every second of it. I only have a sheet at my apartment in Sydney.  Yeah, I’m cheap, sue me.  It’s actually significantly colder in Melbourne than it is in Sydney.  The fan in the room had a remote control with a sleep timer…it was the most advanced fan I’ve ever seen:
The fan

At the bar on the ground floor of the hostel, some guy there decided he was going to have 10 Jager bombs as fast as he could:


Yeah, he threw up seconds after finishing the last one.  Nice waste of $50.

That night we went out and some locals told us to go to this club called AC/DC.  It turned out to be a punk club which we were very badly dressed for.  In any case, they let us in and the place was really cool, mostly because it was different to every other club I’ve been to in my life.  By the end of the night, our group had taken over the stage and were dancing like idiots.  Some pics:
IMG_3108 IMG_3118 IMG_3131

Also, there was a really weird painting on the wall that is apparently famous:

The next morning we basically did a big walking tour of the city.  Highlights included a marketplace next to the hostel, Federation Square, the road to the Batcave, downtown, a Chinese restaurant honoring Mao, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground:
IMG_3134 IMG_3141 IMG_3150 IMG_3162 IMG_3165 IMG_3157

That night we went to bed early to prepare for our trip to the Great Ocean road the next day.  Stay tuned for more pictures…

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Guess who’s coming in less than 6 days!

My favorite person in the whole world!

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New look for the blog!

Hey guys!  I’ve updated the look and feel up my blog.  I really like this theme better because it allows for a much bigger header image so you guys can see my pictures in much more detail!  I swear I’ll talk about my trip to Melbourne soon.  Maybe even tonight!

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A video montage of my trip to Melbourne

I’ll add a description later.  For now, enjoy:

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A quick update

Well, the last week has been a pretty boring one.  Not very much class, not very much going out, and not very much on my mind.  I am, however, gearing up for what should be an awesome weekend.  Mitch, Jack, Mat, Dan, Alex, Claire, Rachel and I are heading off for Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.  I’m really pumped for this as it promises to be an awesome time.  One thing I’m especially excited for is this stock market bar where the prices of the beer fluctuate as demand changes for them.  So if a certain beer is really popular at some time, the prices will go up – so you have to be smart about what you’re going to buy.  Apparently they have stock market crashes as well where all the prices fall on all the drinks.  Sounds like a TON of fun.  It will be especially cool to start travelling again – Sydney is feeling a little too much like home.

This weekend was awesome as we had two birthdays – Mat and Jenny.  Happy birthday to both of you!  I wish I could have gone out for Mat’s birthday to Bungalo 8 but I twisted my ankle in our lunchtime soccer blowout.  It was fun enough to watch everyone drunkenly stumble around Mat’s apartment though – especially the British lads (a rare sight!).  For Jenny’s birthday we went out to this German bar in the Rocks which was a little fancier.  The DJ was on and off, but it was defintiely fun celebrating every time the DJ said it was someone’s birthday and pretending that Jenny was that person.

Coming up this week, I’ve got an econ exam (should be a breeze) right before I leave and that’s about it.  I also just registered – look for me to start putting stuff up there sometime this week.  I’ve been missing a true web presence.  I’m very excited for this. 🙂

Also, Shannon’s coming in 22 days.  Set your calendars, I know you’re all excited!

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Save internet radio!

OK guys, this is really important and I’m trying to get the word out.  Before I explain anything, I want everyone to check out Pandora.  It’s this really cool internet radio station where you can enter a band or song you like, and it makes a radio station based on your input.  They basically analyze various characteristics of the song or band and find other songs and bands like it.  As you discover new bands on the radio station, you can continue to customize your radio station by adding more bands and songs.  If you hate a song that’s played on the station, you call tell Pandora never to play it again, and your settings are updated.  It’s an amazing service (US only unfortunately) and it’s in serious trouble!

 The U.S. government has recently passed a law which forces Pandora and other internet radio stations to pay a HUGE flat fee in addition to the fees they pay as a percentage of their revenue in order to play copyrighted material, far more than terrestrial stations have to play.  Since many of these stations aren’t very cash rich, it will force almost all of them out of business and really cool services like Pandora and will vanish.

So what can you do?  Click the link in my sidebar and visit to get more information and contact your local representative and senator.  Let them know you want to save internet radio.

 Also, let me know what you think of Pandora!

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Which Office 2007 application are you?

Check out which determines which Office 2007 app you are.  I am ExceL:  Let me know what you are!

MS Excel icon
You are Excel 2007!
People trust you to find the right answer. They call you “the wizard” and are in awe of your PivotTable. When you say you love functions, it’s understood that you’re referring to spreadsheets, not social events. You import and export with ease, always maintaining balance. Thanks to your mastery of numbers, people are constantly asking you for help with their own budgets. With the new Microsoft Office Excel 2007, you’ll see how those people can get their own answers – better and faster. They will be amazed that they, too, can create a new chart with only five clicks. You may not have been known as a trendsetter, but your ability to use conditional formatting to “see” new trends was well worth any wait. You can analyze the impressive productivity and efficiency gains in Excel 2007 and prove that the benefits justify the costs. Your favorite new feature in Office 2007 is likely to be the charting feature in Excel 2007.

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CeBIT Australia and other recent happenings


So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at CeBIT Australia, which is a technology conference aimed at enterprises.  Unfortunately, that meant not a lot of cool gadgets or software to look at, but it was certainly interesting.  Here are a few highlights:
The floor – this place was big!

These things located Wi-Fi by bending their ears.  Kinda neat.  Also very Asian.

The Google booth, it wasn’t clear why they were there.  But they had a “genius bar” style setup.

A cool tablet from Wacom.  They make monitors with built-in active digitizers.  Very cool.

OK, I don’t think marketing like this is going to “succeed” in Australia.

This company called Skinz had a hottub with girls in it.  Good idea.  They make condoms for mobile phones so they don’t get wet.  Whatever.  Hottub.

This anti-virus company was giving away their “Anti-pregnancy and Prophylactic” edition for free.

Overall, CeBIT was pretty cool.  I wish I had won something though. Oh well.

Rest of the week

I just got back from watching Spiderman 3 at the IMAX theatre.  The theatre was definitely more impressive than the movie.  I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but I’d probably only give it 1.5 stars out of 4.  Meh.

I also went to the casino in town where I lost $30 (the maximum I was willing to lose) and was satisfied with that.  Most of the games were too expensive for me anyway – blackjack hands were $15 minimum.  Texas Mitch made me feel much better about my losings (sorry buddy).

I also played IM soccer with the guys today.  We tied, which was a disappointement because we definitely could have won.  Maybe if I didn’t suck, we’d be better off ;-).  Oh well.  The game of “60 seconds” beforehand was worth it.  Gotta love British people and their funny games with balls.

I’ve got a paper due at the beginning of next week which explains my research for my short 3 minute debate on Monday for ASTR2601.  Shouldn’t be too bad (only 1000 words) but I really need to do well on it because my role in the debate team was to interpret the question and it didn’t show off much of my research.  I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

Also, I’ve been working on this Windows Vista Sidebar gadget for Jaiku, which is a web service that allows you to post your current “presence,” i.e. what you are doing at the moment as well as follow your friends’ presence.  It’s pretty neat.  You can check out my sidebar gadget if you’ve got Windows Vista.

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CeBIT Australia (more to follow)

Well, today I went to CeBIT Australia, which last through Wednesday.  Tomorrow, I’ll post some pics.  It’s been quite interesting so far!

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